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My Top 10 Beauty Products- Highly Recommended Reviews :)

29 Apr

There are some beauty products that I absolutely LOVE and recommend to all my friends. I have also gotten great feedback about these products and hope some of them will work for you. These are my beauty must haves/staples:

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion-

This is the ONLY make up product that I consider irreplaceable, thus making the top of my list; all others can be substituted. If you wear eyeshadow, this primer potion will keep your shadow from creasing, smudging, or fading ALL DAY. Most of us have oily eyelids, which is why eyeshadow color will slide off after a while. This base will keep it in place!
To Use- Use the wand to dab it on and rub the product in with your finger until it disappears.
The only con about this primer is that the shape of the container makes it difficult to use all of the product. Many ppl break it and are able to scrape a good amount of product out. I hate that they cheat us like that but when you make a great product…you can pretty much do what you want.

Find It: Ulta & Sephora (I think it’s around $15…bad memory)

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