Homemade Beauty

27 Jun

Hello beauties!

I guess I don’t have to remind you that we’re still in an economic recession. It’s always fun and practical to play kitchen beautician when you’re on a dime. I just wanted to share a simple recipe with you that I use pretty often that’s effective and saves lots of money. Body scrubs are a godsend for glowing summer skin. More often than not, I make my own sugar scrubs rather than purchasing. It’s simple! I’ll show you how…

All you have to do is combine the following ingredients in an 8oz cosmetic jar:

1 cup of brown sugar (make sure the granules are not too fine)

1 ½ cup of jojoba oil

1tbsp of fresh lemon juice

Jojoba oil can be found at your local organic market like Whole Foods (or my personal favorite: Sevenanda in Atlanta…support local businesses!). This is a great oil to keep on hand because it is a great moisturizing agent. You can also use it in your hair.

Citris juices are high in antioxidants, which basically help remove harmful, aging particles (a.k.a free radicals) from the environment that deposit on your skin. The squeeze of fresh lemon juice in this body scrub has rejuvenating effects on the  more youthful glowing skin that remains after you’ve sloughed off dead skin and dirt.

If you don’t have empty jars around the house, different size cosmetic jars can be purchased online from the Specialty Bottle Company. I always keep an empty jar or two on hand for my homemade products or for transferring products into smaller containers for when I travel.

Keep in mind that you should exfoliate your legs with the sugar scrub BEFORE you shave them. If you do it the other way around, you can irritate your skin. Finally, slather some body butter  right out of the shower for irresistibly smooth skin! I think someone may even want to touch it ;).


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