A Great Start to Healthy Hair: Feed it the Good Stuff!

29 Apr

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about my hair and how I maintain it and I thought I would put this information in writing and also have a source to refer people to.

Although every woman’s hair texture/makeup is different and will respond to products differently, there are some ingredients that are beneficial for black hair across the board. The brands you purchase combine these ingredients in different ways and you have to research to find which mix works the best with your hair. This is why there is not one single brand that works for everyone. You see, feeding your hair is much like feeding your body. If you only eat junk, it will reflect on your health. But when you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, it shows positively in your physical appearance. It’s the same concept with your hair!

I used to shop for hair products by brands (especially if they had a good commercial lol) but for the past few years, I started shopping by ingredients and my hair’s health has greatly improved since. My hair has more shine, SIGNIFICANTLY less breakage, and bounce. It is now getting the nutrients it needs. When I read a label, I am looking for moisturizing essential oils (ex: jojoba, coconut, tea tree, avocado, citris), shea butter, silk amino acids, and proteins (esp. wheat protein). If I can’t make out the label or if it ONLY has complicated chemical ingredients, I don’t buy it!

Keep in mind that ingredients are listed in order of amount on every product’s label (even the food you eat). Whatever is in the greatest amount is listed first. Make sure the good stuff is listed at the beginning and not last. For example, several hair products include shea butter in their name however, when you read the label, shea butter is listed towards the very bottom of the list of ingredients. This means there’s only a very small amount of it in the product (and probably not enough to matter). You see how they try to fool you??

Here are some brands of shampoo and conditioner that I have found that worked for me based on the good stuff they have in them. If you’re up for experimenting, try them out and see how your hair responds:

Shampoo & Conditioners:

1. Jane Carter Solutions- Moisture Shampoo/ Conditioner

2. Organic Root Stimulator- Uplifting Shampoo (I have dry skin and consequently dry scalp and this helps), and Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner (They used to sell this conditioner in packets; now you can buy a whole bottle…I LOVE it. The citris oils give my hair mega shine).

3. Organix- Tea Tree Mint Shampoo/ Conditioner (Tea tree is a great ingredient for itchy scalp or for problems with dandruff) and Coconut Milk Shampoo/ Conditioner

Since I am a hair product junkie, I have tried lots of different products (and will continue hehe) but these are the brands that always have me coming back for more.
Share what works for you as well! I wish you happy and healthy hair!


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