Homemade Beauty

27 Jun

Hello beauties!

I guess I don’t have to remind you that we’re still in an economic recession. It’s always fun and practical to play kitchen beautician when you’re on a dime. I just wanted to share a simple recipe with you that I use pretty often that’s effective and saves lots of money. Body scrubs are a godsend for glowing summer skin. More often than not, I make my own sugar scrubs rather than purchasing. It’s simple! I’ll show you how…

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Made-Up for the Occasion

26 May

Hello Beauties!

I know it’s been a while. I haven’t completely jumped into the world of blogging but so far I like it…I think I’ll continue :).  So far, I’ve added my tweets to the column on the right (follow me: @Vanessa_Tatiana) and changed my blog theme. The appearance is crisper but still has a feminine touch. Love it!

Tonight’s topic of discussion: makeup! Makeup is fun. It can polish your appearance or be used as artistic expression. Some of us are frequent visitors of the MAC counter at Macy’s while others are completely intimidated by the process. No matter your experience with makeup, I find that it’s better to wear the right type of face for the occasion you are attending. I guess if you wanted to, you could wear a ball gown to a cookout…but that would look a little out of place, wouldn’t it? It also would look out of place for you to wear bright green eyeshadow and super dark eyeliner to an interview for a corporate position. Here is my simple guide to wearing the right look for the right time:

The Minimalist

The name of this look gives it away: use as little makeup as possible. The point is to look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. All you need is some eyeliner, mascara, mineral powder, light blush or bronzer and some lip gloss. This look is perfect for going to outdoor events in the summertime, like BBQs. You don’t want to sweat the color off your face but still want to look radiant.  If you may end up in water and don’t want to go bare-faced, simply wear a tinted moisturizer (or make your own by adding a drop of liquid foundation to your face lotion) and waterproof mascara. Then add a little clear gloss to those lips; plain and simple.

The minimalist look is my favorite weekday look. I actually don’t wear makeup to work on most days…somehow I can’t muster the strength to wake up 15 minutes earlier Lol. When I do wear makeup to work, it’s definitely a minimalist look.

Joy Bryant- The postergirl for minimal makeup

Conservative (Daytime)

Now this is a look more appropriate for places and events where people are expected to mind their manners: for example, church (if you go to a traditionalist church), an interview, or a funeral. In these cases, you do not want to draw TOO much attention to yourself but you still want to look very put together. This look calls for full coverage: foundation and powder to the entire face and blush to the cheeks. False lashes maybe added if they are of a natural looking length. Also apply neutral or close to skin tone shades of lipstick. Remember to keep your eyeshadow colors to warm tones (no brights or glitter). Think: First Lady and pearls.

Jill Scott wearing a conservative look

Glamour Girl (Nighttime)

This look allows you to be more creative than the conservative look without crossing into showgirl category (we’ll discuss this next). The g
lamour girl look is perfect for a night out on the town, a party/exclusive event, or a wedding.  Bold colors are welcomed to create flirty eyes. The mistake that tons of women make when applying bright colors to their eyes is that they do not blend well! Always use eyeshadow brushes to apply bright colors (a sponge applicator won’t do) if you want the best outcome. Colors that are not blended will look harsh and throw off your whole look! Also remember to balance out the color on your face. If you wear bold eye makeup, make sure your lips are a neutral color. In the reverse, wear sheer, close to flesh-toned eyeshadow if you wear a bold lip. Remember: bright lips + bold eyes + too much blush= nightwalker. Balance is key!

Jada Pinkett-Smith with flirty eyes

Sanaa Lathan with bold lips


This look is for performances only; it is artwork worn on the face. The Showgirl look is beautiful when worn where it fits in.  Apply over the top makeup if you are onstage like in a fashion or a play. You can create this look with eyeshadow paints in combination with powdered ones. Liquid eyeliner and big false lashes can also be used. The only way this kind of look will transfer to the real world is if you worked in a place where unconventional expression is welcomed, like maybe a tattoo parlor. Otherwise, you don’t want to look like you walked right out of Carnaval at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s just too much…

Hope you enjoyed this little piece. Until next time!

Me 🙂

My Top 10 Beauty Products- Highly Recommended Reviews :)

29 Apr

There are some beauty products that I absolutely LOVE and recommend to all my friends. I have also gotten great feedback about these products and hope some of them will work for you. These are my beauty must haves/staples:

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion-

This is the ONLY make up product that I consider irreplaceable, thus making the top of my list; all others can be substituted. If you wear eyeshadow, this primer potion will keep your shadow from creasing, smudging, or fading ALL DAY. Most of us have oily eyelids, which is why eyeshadow color will slide off after a while. This base will keep it in place!
To Use- Use the wand to dab it on and rub the product in with your finger until it disappears.
The only con about this primer is that the shape of the container makes it difficult to use all of the product. Many ppl break it and are able to scrape a good amount of product out. I hate that they cheat us like that but when you make a great product…you can pretty much do what you want.

Find It: Ulta & Sephora (I think it’s around $15…bad memory)

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Another Hair Question: Natural Hair- How Can I Get It Straight??

29 Apr

Hello wonderful people! Here is my best attempt to address another question I’ve heard from my fellow natural girls: how do you get your hair so straight?? First, you must know that there are two categories of natural girls- the ones who like to wear their hair in natural styles and the ones who like to wear their hair straight. I fall in the second category. I prefer to wear my hair straight but without harsh chemicals, hence why I do not have a relaxer. I am not opposed to the idea of a relaxer it’s just not for me at this moment—I actually like the natural texture of my hair. I also like the option of wearing it curly or in a braided style, especially the summertime when the weather is a bit more unforgiving.

Ladies like me, who habitually straighten their hair, have what we call hair that is “trained.” It has become accustomed to the heat and responds accordingly. I’ve actually gotten to the point where my hair doesn’t react as much to the rain as it used to (you know that I mean, the giant puff effect lol). Over time, trained hair will not curl up as tightly but it should still maintain a curl pattern nonetheless because it is still natural hair. The other category of natural girls, who rarely straighten their hair, find it harder to get the straight look simply because their hair is not used to it. However, if you have the right tools and use the right process, you can get improved results even though it would take a habit of straightening you hair to get results that match the look of relaxed hair, unless you go to a professional.

I would love to share my at-home process in case you would like to try it out and see if it works for you. First, I’ll tell you what you’ll need and then how to use the materials:

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A Great Start to Healthy Hair: Feed it the Good Stuff!

29 Apr

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about my hair and how I maintain it and I thought I would put this information in writing and also have a source to refer people to.

Although every woman’s hair texture/makeup is different and will respond to products differently, there are some ingredients that are beneficial for black hair across the board. The brands you purchase combine these ingredients in different ways and you have to research to find which mix works the best with your hair. This is why there is not one single brand that works for everyone. You see, feeding your hair is much like feeding your body. If you only eat junk, it will reflect on your health. But when you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, it shows positively in your physical appearance. It’s the same concept with your hair! Continue reading